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Obama Money' Rumor Has People Lining Up in NYC... Again


"They said it was money from Obama."

Remember in the fall of 2009 when thousands turned out in Michigan try and get free "Obama money?" Well, it's happened again -- but this time it could be a scam.

Responding to a local rumor, people are standing in line for hours, turning over valuable personal information and expecting to receive a government handout in New York City. If this sounds familiar, it is. Back in the fall of 2009, thousands of people stood in line in Michigan expecting to be given some Obama money. It never arrived.

Glenn Beck reported about it on his Fox News show back then:

Fast forward two-and-a-half years. This time, people in NYC are lining up because they heard that people were getting a debit card loaded with as much as $1,000 of stimulus money. However, based on the latest information, there is no money to be given away. And yet people continue to line up and turn over their sensitive, personal information.

E & M Multi-Services is a tax preparation service that operates out of the back of a "dollar store" in the Fordham section of the Bronx. The company is reportedly collecting copies of Social Security cards, state ID cards and in exchange people are given a debit card from First California Bank. One small problem with this program -- the cards are not loaded with $1,000 -- not from Obama or anyone. Although, at least one person on the scene believed that the card would contain funds from President Obama:

"They said it was money from Obama."

Sarah Wallace of ABC7 in New York visited the location and filed this report:

Considering the massive problem of identity theft, handing over your Social Security card, state issued ID cards and other personal information to a business housed in the back of a dollar store is probably not a good idea.

First California Bank has added a disclaimer about the E&M Multi Services to their phone message. The bank is telling customers that any cards issued via E&M have been frozen due to a fraud investigation.

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