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What Did The Blaze Find at the NRA Convention? A Bra Holster, a .22 Belt-Buckle, and a Lady Zombie


“I don’t want Obama reelected, although it would be good for sales.”

Even a zombie and a zombie hunter showed up

Think you know guns?  Think again. The Blaze headed out to the National Rife Association's (NRA) 141st convention in St. Louis this past weekend and was blown away at the gadgets, gurus, and yes, guns, that descended on the convention.

We, along with thousands of others, captured the flashiest new gun gear and, just as fascinating, the people there to celebrate the Constitutional right of gun ownership in America. What exactly did we find? Lots of guns for starters. But there were also the Bra Holster, .22 belt buckle, golden Tommy Gun and .50 caliber diamond studded necklace, zombies and a stunning number of women (and pink guns).


Take a look for yourself:


By the way, The Blaze wasn't the only one to notice the increased presence of women at the convention and in the gun industry. The Daily Beast dedicated an entire article to it.

“We want everyone to be a member of the NRA,” spokeswoman Stephanie Samford said in response.
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