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Amish-on-Amish hate crime doesn't disrupt Harvest Time


As Billy Hallowell reported back in November, there's some tension in an Ohio Amish community that resulted in 16 of its members cutting the beards and hair off fellow members, a highly offensive act in Amish culture.

The alleged perpetrators plead not guilty Thursday to the hate crimes they've been charged with.

Despite the disruption...

Joseph Dubyak, attorney for Linda Schrock, daughter of alleged ringleader Samuel Mullet Sr., said the related extended families are helping each other during the busy planting season with seven defendants still held on bond.

"I talked to my client and she's got her other members of her family and her children planting the crops in the field," he said outside court.

"They planted the oats and they are getting the corn ready. ...

The harvest must go on.


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