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Change for the Good': Beck Explains Why Progressives Undermine the Institutions Americans Trust Most


We have one foot in the Free Market, the other in Communism.


For 35 years, the Gallup Organization has surveyed Americans' level of faith in the country's primary institutions. The most recent poll was conducted in June 2011 and reveals that Americans overwhelmingly keep faith in the U.S. Military, followed by small business, the police force and religious institutions. Scoring on the low-end of the totem poll is organized labor, big business and HMOs, followed by Congress with a 12% rating (a rate that has since halved). But while some of these numbers might seem respectable, it is important to note that, over the last decade, faith in nearly all of the above institutions has been on a steady decline. And there may be a reason for that.

On his Monday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck weighed the institutions Americans trust most against progressive actions that seem to have been engineered with the sole purpose of undermining that very faith.

Military and law enforcement 

Beck posits that Americans' faith may have been shaken over the recent sex scandal surrounding Secret Service agents in Colombia, as many Service members are former military personnel. Occupy Wall Street's portrayal of police officers as abusive "pigs," along with President Obama and leftist lawmakers' recent reaction to the Quran burning incident in Afghanistan is also an example of how progressive seek to undermine Americans' faith in military and law enforcement.

Another instance Beck highlighted was the story of 18-year-old Alton L. Hayes III, who, along with a sidekick, brutally assaulted a 19-year-old boy simply because he was white. Hayes said he was upset over the Trayvon Martin case.

The two black teens allegedly rummaged through the victim’s pockets, threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back and beat him with a tree branch.

Beck asked viewers if they could imagine how big this case would be if the perpetrators had been white.

All around doubt

When in doubt, look no further than Van Jones. The former green jobs "czar" stepped into the fray recently, casting doubt on Americans' faith altogether when he explained what “love of country” means to him. He said [emphasis added]:

It means I love Americans—the people who actually live here, who look all kind of different ways, who pray all kind of different ways, who love all kinds of people. And I challenge the people who are the opponents of my values to explain how they get to be patriots. As I say in the book, they seem to distrust the American government. They seem to dislike most of the American people. They seem to resent most of America’s achievements over the last century, including unions and public education and environmental protection and so many of the things that made the American century the American century. So I don‘t get why we don’t just tell them to sit down and shut up. They can complain if they like, but we have another century to win.

While he did not specify, it is likely the "they" to whom Jones refers are conservatives.  Beck mocked Jones' assertion that the EPA, public education and Labor Unions are among America's "greatest accomplishments." It should also be noted that, if one reviews the chart to the above-right, faith in both education and labor unions has declined drastically. Beck noted this point when he quipped that Jones is lauding the institutions Gallup says Americans like least. 

Watch Beck explore how progressive change is always sold as being for "the greater good."

Religious institutions

In terms of shaking America's faith in faith, The Blaze reported that IRS records from Media Matters reveal the far-left group's crusade against Christian institutions and Christian influential ideology is operating in full-force. Beck posited that if one wanted to destroy the country, then he or she would do so by undermining the very institutions that Americans trust most. And he believes progressives are seeking to do just that.

Dubbed by Beck as the George Soros group that has become "the 'research arm' for lazy news reporters across America," Media Matters is attacking the very institution that Americans still hold in deeply high regard. Perhaps, that is precisely why the group is seeking to destroy it.

The left's path isn't clear until "God is completely out of the way," Beck said.

Supreme Court

One needn't look any further than the chastisement of the Supreme Court in Congress and the president's grand display attempting to school the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Obamacare to see that our most beloved institutions are the ones the left seems most fixed on subverting.

Below is a poignant video from FreeMarketAmerica that explores some of these very issues. Beck called it one of the most intense and accurate spots he had ever seen:

"They have been working on this for about 100 years," Beck said.

Communism in America

Reminding viewers of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto reflected in American life, Beck asked what one who wants to destroy the free market would do in order to remold it "closer to the heart's desire." In order for Van Jones, et al, to wipe the slate clean and "rebuild the dream" that has been in motion for the last "100 years," progressives have had to become "more adept at duping people," Beck noted. After reviewing the 10 tenets, he then asked viewers to examine how in-sync many of them are with current American policies. "Look at the things that you are being told are good for you."

But it’s “all for the greater good.”

Drawing from another recent occurrence in which Communist Party of America members unveiled their long-term plans for the nation, Beck noted that Florida Congressman Allen West is on the group's radar given his recent comments about Communist Democratic lawmakers. Communist Party leader Sam Webb said they would make it a point to defeat "right-wing extremism" in the form of the Congressional freshman.

Of course, the media has come out in full force to assail West over his comments, despite the fact that the GOP lawmaker is, according to Beck “100%” accurate.” Reviewing various the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he then asked how many of the 76 members have "raved about Fidel Castro" and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The question was of course, rhetorical.

A matter of grave importance 

Reviewing these chilling developments of late, Beck said that America is dangerously close to the precipice, with "one foot in the free market and the other in Communism." There is no free market "as we know it" anymore and this election is of utmost importance.

He also reminded viewers that progressives will play hardball this election and that complacency through not voting simply isn't an option if Americans wish to head down the path of the Founding Fathers and not see the destruction of the free market.

This next president will chart that course. "In four years it will be too late to decide." Beck added that ensuring a decisive, rather than close victory is essential to sending progressives the message that Americans do not wish to discard the Constitution.

Below, Beck explores America's two options: Communism or the Free Market. He also delves into President Obama's Communist roots.

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