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Beck & Gen. Boykin Explore Muslim Brotherhood's Grip on America In Upcoming 'Rumors of War III' Documentary


On Wednesday, April 25, at 7:00 p.m. ET, GBTV will air a powerful documentary entitled "Rumors of War III," which delves into the infiltration of America's government by militant Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood. The special promises to provide “irrefutable evidence of the attack underway being perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah."

Providing a preliminary look into the investigation, General William Boykin -- who appears in the documentary -- joined Glenn Beck on his Tuesday morning radio broadcast to discuss some little known facts about the role U.S. lawmakers have played in helping the Muslim Brotherhood gain entry into American politics and government institutions.

Gen. Boykin, a founding member of Delta Force, told Beck that Islamist groups have been gaining access to American lawmakers for years, starting under the Clinton administration. The problem, according to the general, has only been "enhanced" by the Obama administration.

Among the nation's Muslim Brotherhood enablers, according to Gen. Boykin, is Americans for Tax Reform founder, Grover Norquist, who he said brought Suheil Khan -- the son of a radical cleric -- under his wing and frequently liaised with other Muslim groups here in the U.S., even to the exclusion of attending conservative events. It is is only now, the general pointed out, that Congress is starting to recognize Norquist's "checkered background."

Beck noted that perhaps the best observation shared by Gen. Boykin was when he asked how on earth could the Muslim Brotherhood be "secular" given that its very name reveals its religious and ideological affiliation. The name "Muslim Brotherhood" should "give you some clue," the general quipped.

He also noted that the Muslim Brotherhood is a large umbrella organization that is parent to Hamas and other militant groups and never acts as merely a bystander, but rather, the catalyst for events such as the Arab Spring.

Explaining the Muslim Brotherhood's ultimate goal is to establish a global caliphate, the general noted the the Islamist group has, in the past called for war against the United States and the West. He said that the group's 1400 year theology is just one that is incomprehensible to most and  that we as a nation "have yet to come to grips" with it.

Making matters all the more bizarre, Gen. Boykin and Beck also discussed the disturbing development that the administration will be helping to create a Muslim Brotherhood small business plan in the spirit of facilitating the group's exports. The general noted that if Ronald Reagan were in office currently, he would be organizing a covert resistance movement in Egypt right now.

Another area the two touched on was regarding the relationship between Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and Mexican drug cartels -- an issue never covered by the mainstream media. The general pointed out the beheading and dismemberment of people by the cartel points to the influence of militant Islamists across the border.

Watch the fascinating interview below.

For reference, below is preview of Rumors of War III. Be sure to tune in to GBTV on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. ET to watch the documentary in its entirety.

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