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Real News From The Blaze' Discusses Buck Sexton's New Book 'Occupy: American Spring


The "Real News" panel discussed the release of The Blaze National Security Editor Buck Sexton's first book Tuesday, "Occupy: American Spring," which goes behind the scenes of the Occupy Wall Street movement, its radical roots, and revolutionary goals.

Sexton says that his new book looks at the real damage that Occupy Wall Street has done to America on two fronts. The first being the actual physical damage to property, and the costs to local municipalities in controlling and cleaning up after protesters. The second, and long-lasting damage of Occupy Wall Street, is the effect the movement has had on the way we look at politics.

Sexton argues that in this election year, instead of talking about issues of immediate importance like Obamacare and entitlement reform, Occupy Wall Street has shifted the dialogue to class warfare and envy.


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