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Holy Grail of Hacks': MIT Hacker Turns Building Into an Interactive Game of Tetris


"Sometimes you just have to prove to everyone out there that you really are a technical genius."

In what is being termed the holy grail of hacks by the technically-inclined at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one individual flagrantly transformed the campus "Green" building into a giant game of Tetris.

As Game Revolution reported, "Sometimes going to one of the best technical schools in the world just isn't enough. Sometimes you just have to prove to everyone out there that you really are a technical genius. And that's just what one student did..."

Watch as the yet-unnamed individual relives everyone's youth:

YouTube commenters are uncharacteristically upset that the potential genius didn't think of "clearing" the rows, as players can do in the conventional arcade game.  Rather, the pieces on the building continue piling higher and higher.

"Dude hacks into an electric system and he's incapable of clearing a row... #EPICFAIL," one said, but another simply responded, "Ohhh... You all geniuses in here! Jealous, are we? Oh there, there.."

According to CNET, the hacker used a joystick to control the 153 LED lights on the 21-story building housing MIT's Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Science. It may also surprise you to learn this isn't the first time the "Green Building" has been hacked, thanks to its visibility as the tallest building in Cambridge, Mass. Check out a full list of other hacks on the building here.

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