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85 Arrested in Montreal After Students Riot Over Tuition Hikes -- See the Video


MONTREAL (The Blaze/AP) -- Police in Canada say 85 people have been arrested after thousands of students angry over tuition increases protested in

Montreal, with some smashing windows of businesses.

The rioting came after talks broke off Wednesday between the Quebec provincial government and student groups over the planned tuition increase of $325 a year.

The Montreal Gazette has more:

After two hours of peaceful protest, police declared the march illegal and the situation unravelled quickly.

Percussion bombs and pepper spray exploded at the corner of Peel and Ste. Catherine Sts., a car was set on fire at the corner of Stanley and Ste. Catherine Sts. and chaos ensued as the police started to push the crowd back using whatever tools they had in their arsenal.

Onlookers blamed a small group of protesters for instigating the trouble.

A standoff between mounted police and taunting protesters brought the crowd, estimated at about 5,000, to a dead halt at Drummond and Ste. Catherine Sts. and then the police intervention squad moved in banging their shields.

Officers in full riot gear marched up Peel St. and the air in the area was thick with pepper spray.

The talks broke off after the government ejected the most militant student group from the discussions.

Students swarmed the streets and fought with police over several hours. A police station, banks and other businesses had windows shattered.

Ironically, polls indicate Quebecers generally support the fee hikes.

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