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The Blaze's Will Cain Calls Out CNN Anchor for Laughing at Marcus Bachmann Gay Joke


"Why is it okay?”

The White House Correspondents Dinner is known for pushing the limits of politically correct comedy. But what happens when host Jimmy Kimmel cracks a gay joke at the expense of a former candidate's husband? The answer over at Don Lemon's CNN show is apparently laugh.

That's what happened on Sunday night when Lemon welcomed ESPN's LZ Granderson and The Blaze's Will Cain. After all three chuckled about the president poking fun at himself for eating dog as a youngster, Lemon played video of Kimmel's more racy joke about Marcus Bachmann. Kimmel cracked that Keith Olbermann had received “more pink slips than Marcus Bachmann" and that Bachmann played the flamboyant gay character "Cam" on ABC's "Modern Family."

Granderson and Lemon -- who are both openly gay -- laughed, but Lemon especially lost it. That led to a question from Cain.

“I’m genuinely curious here," Cain wondered. "If, as the joke suggests, Marcus Bachmann is gay, but he hasn’t come to grips with himself, -- now I’m asking two guys who have been through this process — honestly, I’m honestly curious, why is it okay to make fun of him, then? Is it just because of his politics or because he’s public figure? I’m really curious. Why is it okay?”

Lemon brushed aside the question and said Cain had analyzed it more then he had, while Granderson scolded, "Stop it, Will." CNN played an unflattering clip of Bachmann dancing, and the chuckles started again.

Granderson eventually responded, while still laughing:

You know what, Don and I have been friends for years, but, you know, I wasn’t around Don as a teenager, so I don’t know if he tried to convert gay people or not. But it just seems funny that when you are having flamboyant mannerisms and you’re livelihood is converting, you know, gay men to being straight, it’s just funny. It’s funny, man. I don’t even care what his politics happens to be. It’s just kind of a funny thing when you juxtapose the two images.

Mediaite has the clip:

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