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Real News From The Blaze': Planned Parenthood and Obama Administration Clash With the State of Texas


Planned Parenthood has found itself in a tussle with the Lone Star state.

Texas was set to begin blocking state funds from going to health clinics affiliated with abortion providers Tuesday, an act that would have blocked funds from Planned Parenthood. Feeling that their constitutional rights to free speech and organization were being violated, the organization sued the state. A judge in Austin yesterday ruled that (for now) the funds will continue to flow to the clinics while he weighs the complexity of the entire case.

The majority of Texas legislators want to go ahead with the ban despite a threat from the federal government that would cut-off healthcare funds to the state, which is the grounds for a separate lawsuit with Texas suing the Obama administration.

Another episode in a growing political debate surrounding issues that opposing sides dub as "life" or "women's health," Will Cain broke down the Texas case during "Real News" Tuesday.

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