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David Barton Is Today's #1 Google Trend After Talking About Religious Freedom on 'The Daily Show


Conservative historian David Barton, a knowledgeable source when it comes to understanding America's faith roots, is a frequent guest on GBTV. And today, Barton became the number one trending topic on Google. The astounding accomplishment, CNN's Belief Blog reports, came after the historian's Tuesday evening appearance on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show."

Barton has been an advocate for the notion that Christianity was at the root of the nation's founding and that the faith system has played a key role in shaping American history. This detail, he argues, has been removed from history books and is not discussed adequately in classrooms. His organization, WallBuilders, is focused on promoting this long-lost history and defending the nation's Christian heritage.

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Barton's new book, “The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson,” delves into the issue of whether Thomas Jefferson was, indeed, secular -- or religious. The popular evangelical historian tries, throughout the text, to refute the notion that he was an anti-theist politician. Recently, Barton appeared on GBTV, where he told Glenn Beck that the history of the Jefferson Bible has been twisted.

Naturally, the evangelical leader is not without his critics. On Tuesday evening, as noted, he made yet another appearance (yes, he's been on before) on "The Daily Show," where he discussed faith in America.

"You are prolific as always," Stewart said, as he began his discussion with Barton. The two spent the first portion of the interview discussing misconceptions surrounding Jefferson.

"The biggest feeling -- that he was an atheist or a secularist. He just wasn't. He was a religious guy," Barton said. "His activities, his actions, his givings, his money -- now he had some comments that you could take out of context...but when you look at hundreds of his letters, you just don't get the sense that he's an atheist."

Watch the first part of the interview, below:

In the second part of the chat, Barton and Stewart discuss -- and debate -- religious freedom issues in America:

In part three, they delve into the controversial themes surrounding the contraceptive mandate:

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