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Founders Scholar David Barton vs. Jon Stewart: 'Boom, Winning!


On Thursday, Glenn Beck recounted founding father scholar David Barton's Wednesday-night appearance on "The Daily Show" With Jon Stewart. Beck summed up the interview in two words: "Boom, winning!"

In part one of the interview, Stewart and Barton square off over whether the founding fathers intended for America to be a Christian nation. And you can guess who falls where int he debate.

For example, in describing the controversy surrounding prayer in public schools and institutions, Barton says, “…the fact that it might make me feel uncomfortable is not enough to keep everyone else from practicing their faith…just because I’m uncomfortable with the way they do it.”  Stewart rejects this notion.

You can listen to both parts below, which Beck said shows how Barton "schools" Stewart on the founding fathers:

The New York Times profiled Barton today:

Mr. Barton is a self-taught historian who is described by several conservative presidential aspirants as a valued adviser and a source of historical and biblical justification for their policies. He is so popular that evangelical pastors travel across states to hear his rapid-fire presentations on how the United States was founded as a Christian nation and is on the road to ruin, thanks to secularists and the Supreme Court, or on the lost political power of the clergy.

Through two decades of prolific, if disputed, research and some 400 speeches a year on what he calls the forgotten Christian roots of America, Mr. Barton, 57, a former school principal and an ordained minister, has steadily built a reputation as a guiding spirit of the religious right. Keeping an exhaustive schedule, he is also immersed in the nuts and bolts of politics and maintains a network of 700 anti-abortion state legislators.

Read the rest here.

The Blaze's Billy Hallowell contributed to this report.

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