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He Took My Weed': The Most Bizarre Home Invasion 911 Call You'll Hear This Week


"I woke up to someone walking into my room, and asking me where my drugs and money were."

If you live in Maryland's Prince George's County, hide your drugs. There's a thief on the loose who wants to take it.

Prince George's ABC7 News has both a video and print report on the incident. You can watch the video below, which includes a snippet of the odd 911 call. Excerpts of the print report follow.

Apparently, the victim of the robbery called 911, reporting that someone had broken into his house and stolen both his marijuana and rent money.

"I woke up to someone walking into my room, and asking me where my drugs and money were. He took my weed," said the victim.

Interestingly, even though weed is a contraband substance, the cops decided to pursue the incident anyway, albeit as a drug-related crime, rather than as a simple case of home invasion:

The robbery happened just before 1 p.m. In the 8300 block of Curry Place in Adelphi, not far from the University of Maryland campus in College Park.

A Prince George's County Police spokesperson says that two of the five students who live at the home were home at the time that three armed, masked men burst in and demanded money. The door was unlocked at the time of the home invasion.[...]

Investigators won't say how much marijuana was taken. Police are now looking into whether the home was used as a location to sell marijuana or other drugs.

The license plate of the suspects has also been recorded and released to the press. The prosecution of this apparent crime will be something to watch, since theft of contraband goods is still theft. One thing is certain, though - neither the thief nor the victim will want to be cell mates when this is over.

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