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Occupy on Display: When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Professional Protester!


People aren’t “giving away free college anymore.”

Enjoy this video of MRCTV's Dan Joseph asking three New York City "May Day" protesters why they are protesting and what their long-term their goals are.

We can’t decide if the results are hilarious or depressing (maybe both?). This is what we learned from the video:

  • People aren’t “giving away free college anymore.”
  • People aren’t giving away "free college" because all colleges want is more money.
  • You have to pay for an education even though there isn't a guarantee it’s going to be the best education.
  • We need a "more equal" world: more equal financially and culturally. "Everybody should be on the same page" (mind you, this is coming from the girl with the anarchy symbol drawn on her face like she just came from the face painting booth at some bizarre, alternative universe 4-H Fair).
  • The three kids in the video want to grow up to be professional protesters.

Okay, we made up our minds. This video is kinda' depressing. Watch the magic of Occupy unfold via MRCTV:

Now it would be unfair to say that this minute-and-a-half clip is indicative of the entire Occupy movement. Just because a couple of kids display a poor grasp of basic economics (and history, civics, etc.) doesn't necessarily mean everyone in the movement has a poor understanding of how the world works.

But the fact that this video isn’t exactly original (although this one is admittedly much more fun to watch than most) shows a disturbing trend. Indeed, there is a preponderance of “man on the street” style videos that show Occupy protesters demonstrating a laughably poor understanding of basic economics.

So rather than single out the unfortunate participants in this video (after all, they're just high schoolers), perhaps we should focus on the bigger question: where are they learning this stuff? As far as the MRCTV video is concerned, it's painfully obvious that these girls didn’t come up with these ideas on their own.

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