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Sickly Woman Interrupts TV Crew's Recording -- Proceeds to Hock 8 Loogies on Camera


"Just tell them that the weather here causes colds in Chicago..."

There really aren't words to describe what you're about to see.

While taping a segment about one of Chicago's oldest hotels, WCIU-TV's Chris DeRose was interrupted by a sickly woman asking for directions. But this wasn't just any woman -- this was a spitting-sick woman. Yes, that's right: during the exchange, all caught on camera, the woman proceeded to hock eight graphic loogies. And when she finally realized there was a camera in front of her, and that it was rolling, she gave the crew permission to use it -- and then continued snorting and spitting.

"Just tell them that the weather here causes colds in Chicago, so that's what you get," she said. "When you come to Chicago, you get a cold."

Here is a rundown, via screen shots, of how ti happened (note DeRose's reactions):

And now you can watch it for yourself, as the pictures do not do the audio justice:

Now to see the actual report that aired, head over to HuffPo.

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