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Filmmaker Tells Beck a Scott Walker Recall Would Discourage Lawmakers From Standing Up to Unions


"Showdown Wisconsin."

The Blaze already provided a sneak-peek at Tuesday evening's upcoming Real News Special Report, "Showdown Wisconsin," from filmmaker Ami Horowitz. The program will focus on the recall effort the left is currently waging against beleaguered Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and will air on GBTV at 6:00 p.m. ET. Glenn Beck took time during his Monday evening broadcast to speak with Horowitz about the film, and the challenges currently facing the Wisconsin Republican.

Horowitz noted that if the left is successful in its recall bid, the move will send "chills" across the nation and dissuade conservative lawmakers from standing up to the power and influence of labor unions. The message conservatives would take away, according to the filmmaker, is that doing the right thing is a punishable offense.

According to Horowitz, Walker has made great strides in growing jobs and turning his state's economy around. If recalled, he fears it is a sign that America could go the way of Europe.

Watch below as Beck and Horowitz discuss Showdown in Wisconsin.

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