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Bear Runs Amok After Smashing Through a Glass Door at a NJ School


"I started to chase it down a hallway and then it decides to go in a classroom."

A custodian was in for a rude awakening last week when a bear literally smashed through the doors at the Ogdensburg Elementary School in Ogdensburg, New Jersey, and then began running through the hallways. In video footage secured by WCBS-TV, the cub can be seen crashing through the doorway. What happens next is entertaining, to say the least.

After the bear apparently considered heading out of the building through a separate exit, it decided to stay indoors and run around a bit. But a brave janitor wasn't prepared to allow the animal to galavant throughout the school unchecked. So, Earl Hornyak decided to chase the animal (he can be seen running after the 75-pound bear in the WCBS-TV footage).

"I see a bear running down the hallway. I am not afraid of a bear cause I see ‘em a lot around here," Hornyak explained. "I started to chase it down a hallway and then it decides to go in a classroom."

Judy Donche, a teacher at the school, was inside of the classroom when the bear came barreling in. The teacher and the janitor promptly left the room and called authorities. According to Donche, the bear appeared to be disoriented and spent its time tearing up math books until police officers arrived to let it out of a window.

CBS-TV also noted the irony in the fact that the school's sports teams are named after the bears (the local community is used to seeing the animals roaming around). Additionally, there was a bear statue near the doorway the cub crashed through.

Watch the entertaining video footage, below:

(H/T: CBS New York)

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