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Ben Stein's global warming lawsuit limps forward


Eight of the nine claims actor Ben Stein filed in a lawsuit against an ad agency and a Japanese computer company have been tossed out by a California court.

Stein filed the lawsuit in January alleging a breach of contract he signed with the two companies to appear in commercials advertising computer printers. He said he was fired and replaced by a similar-looking actor after voicing doubt that global warming is man made.

Although Stein claimed that his freedom to speak publicly was at stake, the judge has ruled that much of his lawsuit itself was a legal maneuver intended to impinge free speech and has dismissed eight of Stein's nine claims. The lawsuit survives, but only barely.

The complaint that the companies went forward with a different actor using Stein's likeness will go forward.

Chin up and clear eyes, Ben.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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