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RNC Rep Calls Out MSNBC Host for Doubting GOP Support for Romney: 'I Know it Frustrates You


"...the facts are what they are."

Host Craig Melvin spoke with Republican National Committee (RNC) communications director Sean Spicer while filling in for Chris Jansing on Tuesday Morning.

The topic of discussion? The auto bailout and Mitt Romney's claim that he deserves some credit for the industry's recovery. Additionally, the two chatted about the level of support the candidate is receiving from fellow Republicans. On this latter point, Spicer called Melvin out for purportedly being "frustrated" by the encouraging electoral developments unfolding among GOP adherents.

During the discussion, Melvin referred to Rick Santorum's "lukewarm" endorsement of Romney and asked Spicer to weigh in. The RNC staffer explained that, regardless of the words being used, Romney's fellow Republican challengers -- including Santorum -- are all rallying behind him.

Melvin pushed Spicer to comment further, though, claiming that none of the Republicans seem to be rushing "to the front of the line" to offer support for Romney. Mediaite has Spicer's response:

"With all due respect, Craig, you guys seem to be so focused on how quick and what words were exactly used. The fact of the matter is that they’re all behind him, they’re all supporting him and the polling is showing that everyone in the Republican party is unified behind our nominee, getting ready to defeat Barack Obama in November. And I know that it frustrates you, but the facts are what they are. [...] in 2008, the Vice President called the President some pretty bad things when they were campaigning against each other. The now-Secretary of State said some pretty nasty things. The head of the DNC was Hillary Clinton’s enforcer and yet it all came together and, somehow, when it happens on our side, it’s an analysis of, well, this endorsement happened at this time and it wasn’t used properly –”

Watch the dialogue, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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