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Did You Know There's a Secret 'Avengers' Post-Credits Sequence? Here's What It's All About


Warning: This article contains spoilers for "The Avengers." Those who haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled are advised to steer clear. Here's a picture of the Hulk to dissuade you from reading on and keep you from being accidentally spoiled:

Have all the non-watchers gone? Alright.

So if you've seen Marvel's "The Avengers," you know that it is awesome. You also may recall, if your ears weren't ringing from the explosions too much to hear, that after the climactic battle against the Chitauri/Skrulls in New York City, Iron Man (played by Robert Downey, Jr) suggests that the Avengers all go for some shawarma as a post-world saving treat.

And, if you were smart enough to stick around through all the credits (and if you weren't, shame on you, go watch the movie again), you might also remember that we actually get to see the Avengers doing precisely that - munching on falafel like tired coworkers, as no one says a word, before the screen cuts to a final black.

Well, as it turns out, that scene was meant to be a big secret that no one was expecting -- that is, until Robert Downey, Jr spoiled it by mentioning the scene in an April 12 Press Conference, leading to a media feeding frenzy. In fact, according to CNN, the media reaction was something like this scene from the movie, where Downey's Iron Man is being pursued by a massive, implacable alien force:

And now, CNN gives us an exclusive sneak peak into how the rest of the cast, as well as director Joss Whedon, reacted to Downey's screw-up. Their whole article on the end sequence is worth reading, but here's a quick snippet for the fanboys in the audience:

Whedon, who has been silent this whole time (making ixnay eyes because THERE'S AN EW REPORTER SITTING RIGHT THERE) finally gives up, and tells Downey: "Thank you for having every reporter ask me what we were shooting."

"You're welcome," Downey says, unapologetic about revealing plans for the scene at a press conference the afternoon before.

Whedon was exaggerating, of course. Not every reporter had asked that question ... yet.

"So what were you shooting today?" your friendly neighborhood EW reporter inquires.

Whedon squints his eyes, like Mr. Peabody when he's fed up with Sherman.

Downey opens his arms. "Carnival barker!" he declares. "Last night, I just wanted to make sure the excitement was there."

Whedon breaks into an impression of what he's been dealing with all day: "'So I hear you're shooting a scene?'" he says in the voice of a curious reporter. Leaning back and twiddling his thumbs, the filmmaker offers his fake-smiley response: "'I'm sure I don't know what you mean!'"

Nice to get a look at the human beings behind the superheroes now and again. We now return you to your regularly scheduled hard news.

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