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Channeling Limbaugh? Cher Says She 'Went Full Rush' During Anti-GOP Twitter 'Cher Tear


"I was a hater!"

With the dust settling on Cher's latest Twitter outburst, one can walk away from the incident in one of three ways -- offended, entertained or apathetic (after all, Cher is merely a Hollywood-type who one would stereotypically expect such sentiments to stream from).

Early this morning, after intense controversy following her Tweets about Romney and his “racist homophobic women hating tea bagger masters,” the singer apologized -- and deleted the initial Tweet that started the drama. Cher's defense? She was merely channeling conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

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In her first semi-apologetic Tweet sent yesterday, Cher attempted to backtrack on her harsh Twitter rhetoric (but only after doubling down on it in a message sent to me earlier in the day). She said that she shouldn't have let her "mean spirit run free."

But in another message later on she likened her "hateful" Twitter behavior to Limbaugh, while maintaining that "it's not right 2 express anger in hate speech & feel good about yourself!":

So, the pop singer claims she was merely on a "Cher Tear," but that in taking such a hate-fueled turn, she "went full Rush." An apology with yet another dig, but an "I'm sorry" none-the-less.

Cher reiterated that it was the tone of her Tweets -- and not her opinions -- that was problematic. "Im NOT Sorry 4 Speaking My Mind Ever!," she wrote. "Its HOW I did it! I was a Hater!"

(H/T: Twitchy)

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