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S.E. Cupp: Obama is maddeningly vague

The new show will regularly feature GBTV peronsality S.E. Cupp.

The Blaze's S.E. Cupp is out with a new column today which examines President Obama's "evolution" on a number of issues:

As North Carolina cast its vote on an amendment banning gay marriage, the media were still scrambling to decode the Obama administration’s latest whiff at the issue.

Was Vice President Biden’s “Meet the Press” comment that he is now “comfortable” with gay marriage a gaffe? He is gaffe-prone, after all.

Or was it a trial balloon disguised as a gaffe, meant to advance the administration’s new position on the issue without committing to new policy? As an Atlantic headline asked, were Biden’s comments “Accidental or Accidentally on Purpose?”

Even more cynically, was it a trap, meant to engage the right in a nasty battle over another social issue? Count me in the camp of strategists who thinks President Obama is just waiting for the likes of Rush Limbaugh to wade in and call someone a slut — or worse.

But while we try to read Obama’s mind, the gay rights community waits. What, exactly, is Obama’s position on gay marriage? Sure, he repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act. But has he “evolved” enough toward actually accepting gay marriage?

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