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There's a reason smart people don't work in D.C.


 A piece in The Atlantic looks at why Silicon Valley soaks up all the talented people while Washington, D.C., the city with the most power, is stuck with Joe Biden.

In the story is a Q&A with Google Managing Partner Bill Maris. Here's his painfully obvious answer as to why he would rather not be in D.C.

I wonder, can you apply all of this energy, innovation, and optimism to Washington, D.C. and public policy?

That would be great, but I'm not hugely optimistic. Thinking about government policy sends shivers up my spine. The gears are grinding together in government, and it's slow and complicated and no one understands it. Great things are usually not accomplished in Silicon Valley through government policy, they are accomplished by individuals who set out to change the world, invent something, create a better live for themselves and their children. Now the government can make sure there is a level playing field, and make sure that the rules are enforced and fair.

The whole thing is worth the read.

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