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That Was Quick: Obama Posts Instagram Picture Touting His New Gay Marriage Stance


"Every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law."

(Image: barackobama/Instagram)

In January, President Barack Obama joined the Instagram community -- a smartphone app that allows users to share their life "through a series of pictures" and is popular for its various filters that can change the "look and feel" of the photo.

Like his Twitter account, the president's Instagram is managed by his 2012 campaign staff and the latest update (posted 14 hours ago and about four hours after his announcement) to the photo-sharing site is an image of a poster on what appears to be an office wall. The poster touts equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

The image was posted after the president formally endorsed gay marriage on Wednesday. So far, the Instagram photo has nearly 35,000 likes and more than 2,200 comments. Overall, the president's staff has posted 60 photos using Instagram.

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Here are some of the comments on the image:

The president's staff also used another photo-sharing site -- Photo Bucket -- to post this "tweetpic" on his Twitter account calling it "history."

Facebook recently bought out Instagram for the weighty price tag of $1 billion.

Read more about the president's thoughts on gay marriage as reported on his blog here.

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