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This is what convinced me Obama's gay marriage announcement was planned


While sitting in front of my computer yesterday after Barack Obama announced his gay marriage support, my thoughts went to Joe Biden: Were his comments on "Meet the Press" Sunday a gaffe, or were they planned? According to Fox News's Ed Henry yesterday afternoon, the were a "gaffe." It made sense. I bought in.

Then I turned on "Fox & Friends" this morning, and Brian Kilmeade blew my mind with one simple reminder: Biden's "Meet the Press" interview was pre-taped on Friday.

Let that sink in.

That means that the Obama administration wasn't "scrambling" on Sunday after watching the show like it has portrayed. At the very least officials had a two day head start on his comments to plan a response -- and all indications are, they did just that. Consider: the campaign's reaction in the moments following Obama's announcement have been a lesson in coordination. Everything, from the email trying to fundraise off the announcement to the Instagram photo, have the feel of a brilliant marketing campaign days in the works.

But what seems more likely to me is that this wasn't just swift reaction -- the coordination smells of planned leak. The campaign is slick. The material well-written. Biden didn't stumble on his way to first. He hit a home run.

Or at least a sacrifice bunt.


I recognize that there was talk that Obama was going to roll this out just before the Democratic National Convention. I get that. But everything still seems too coordinated to me. And doing it using Biden, I think, allowed Obama to address the idea without the baggage of rolling it out out of the blue. I think he would have faced tougher questions if this new stance dropped out of the sky instead of as a reaction to his "aw shucks," gaffe-prone VP.

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