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Standards: Obama refuses to moonwalk for college grads


As it turns out, President Obama isn't completely shameless.  Apparently there is a line of standards the president won't cross to score a few votes -- and it includes moonwalking.

During his commencement address to the graduates of Barnard College in New York, President Obama reminded the audience that he graduated in 1983. "Music was all about Michael and the moonwalk," Obama said. "We had the Walkman."

The "gutsy" president lost his nerve, however, when a few of the graduates shouted for him to perform Michael Jackson's signature move across the stage. "No moonwalking," Obama said. "No moonwalking today."

Sigh. He was so close to getting my vote, but after this I'm afraid I'll have to reconsider.

On the other hand, congratulations seem to be in order for President Cool Guy -- way to bring the standards of the Oval Office down so far that people expect you to dance for them if they shout and applaud loudly enough.  Remember the days when Thomas Jefferson was encouraged to cut a rug at UVA?  Yeah, me either.


h/t Charlie Spiering

Obama's address before the all-girl private school highlighted the achievements of women in the past and included encouragement for the new grads to lead in the future.  Sadly, however, the president made no mention of Julia or "composite" girlfriends.

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