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What Military Equipment Used in 'The Avengers' Is Actually Real?


"...we continue to work with them extensively in regards to our film customers."

Many Hollywood movies often bases their imaginative gadgets on real technology -- or at least uses them as a starting point for before adding flare with movie magic. And the latest blockbuster "The Avengers" is no different.

With all the explosions and lasers, you might have found it easy to overlook some of the military gadgets featured in the film that are actually the real deal. But we have the rundown.

The film, which stars superheros such as the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor, earned $200.3 million after its debut weekend. The premise is, as you might guess, saving the world from a villain and his army. To accomplish this feat, everything from the most futuristic technology to the simplest of essential gear plays an important role. According to Soldier Systems,  some of equipment used was no joke.

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Soldier Systems says that Tactical Pro Shop LLC -- a merchant that provides equipment to everyone from the "'Tier 1' operator [to] police academy recruits" -- outfitted some of the Avenger team with the tools they would need.

Here is some of the gear used in the movie:

Matt Kime with Tactical Pro Shop told Soldier Systems that, “We also involved a leading Halo equipment manufacturer for the [oxygen] mask systems.” He also said that “The Princeton Tec/Ops-Core paring in particular has been an amazing relationship, and we continue to work with them extensively in regards to our film customers. They understand very clearly what Tactical Pro Shop does for them, and appreciate the way we do it.”

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Here's more from Solider Systems about how the partnership between the show and the shop was a win-win:

  • The show won by bringing equipment that was extremely current (actually not yet commercially available yet) to the big screen first.
  • The manufacturers/vendors won by getting some exposure for their gear.
  • And Tactical Pro Shop wins by continuing to prove ourselves as the go-to company in Hollywood that can leverage our outstanding relationships with our vendors, to accomplish the extremely difficult for a very demanding film industry customer base.

Did you spot any other cool tech in the film? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

If you haven't seen the flick yet, here's the trailer:

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