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Real News From The Blaze' Discusses the Debate Around the Disclose Act


The effect of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling on general election and primary campaign fundraising has been one the year's biggest stories. While many conservatives have backed the Supreme Courts decision, some who break in ranks with the Republican Party on the issue have become more active in their opposition.

Sen. John McCain, once the great champion of campaign finance reform, has confirmed to The Hill that he is discussing with Democrats a new effort that would seek to disclose high end donors to Super PACS and various campaigns. The bill now being proposed by Democrats in the Senate would need McCain's backing and bi-partisan support in order to reach the floor. The Hill reports:

The Disclose Act introduced by  Whitehouse in March would require any group that spends $10,000 or more on election ads or other political activity to file a disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission within 24 hours. Reports would detail the nature of expenditures over $1,000 and reveal the names of donors who give $10,000 or more.

The legislation would also require that outside group advertisements include “stand-by-your-ad” disclaimers listing the biggest donors.

McCain said that the corporate and union money unleashed by Citizens United would undoubtedly one day lead to a “major scandal”. But even without the act, is there not still some disclosure or mystery behind major campaign donors? Remember the Obama campaign site “Keeping GOP Honest,” which profiles several large Romney donors/SuperPAC?

On "Real News" Wednesday the panel discussed The Disclose Act, the legal challenges to disclosure laws, and the consequences of taking away the veil of anonymity in political speech; which Citizen United supporters consider donations.

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