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Bird, Plane or Drone? Mystery Object Nearly Collides With a Corporate Jet Over Denver


"Something just went by the other way."

Animation showing the event that took place with the mystery object. (Image: 9News screenshot)

A pilot flying at Cessna Citation 525 CJ1 corporate jet over Denver called into air traffic control and told them some strange object -- not appearing on the plane's radar -- flew by. The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the incident that happened early Monday evening.

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The local station KUSA-TV has the story:

Greg Feith, former investigator for the NTSB who is now a KUSA aviation analyst, speculating the object could have been a military drone, private, remote-controlled aircraft or a bird strike. The station contacted law enforcement officials and states "no one has been able to tell us if a drone was flying over Denver."

As for remote-controlled aircraft, it contacted the Denver RC Eagles that pointed out its members do not fly more than 400 feet above ground level or 5,700 above sea level so as to not risk interfering with air traffic. The pilot was flying at 8,000 feet and described the object as a "large, remote-controlled aircraft."

KUSA also spoke with FAA spokesperson Mike Fergus who said the agency would be speaking with the pilot, trying to pinpoint the time and contacting local remote-control clubs.

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This story has been updated for clarity.

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