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F**k You!...I Hope You Get AIDS': Man Loses It After News Crew Catches Him Illegally Parking


"It ended up costing him, though..."

If you illegally park in a handicapped spot and are caught do you a) apologize and move your car; b) explain that it's a misunderstanding; or c) absolutely lose it with the news crew that just caught you and tell the reporter you hope he gets AIDS? If you're the guy below, you choose "c."

The local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia was doing a special report on people who find it okay to park in handicapped parking spots even if they're not handicapped. It caught plenty of people. Some were contrite, some played dumb, and then there's this guy.

"Fu** you," he said when confronted, before later adding "I hope you get AIDS" and adding plenty more expletives:

The report has plenty of other nuggets. For example, multiple city employees -- one who even writes tickets for this sort of offense -- doing the same thing:

The I-Team even caught a Philadelphia Parking Authority van illegally parked in a handicap loading zone, blocking an accessibility ramp. When confronted, the PPA shift supervisor denied that she was parked illegally.

“This is not a handicapped ramp here,” she told the I-Team’s Ben Simmoneau – even though the van was clearly parked on blue striped lines, blocking a ramp to the sidewalk.

She wasn’t the only PPA worker we saw parking illegally at that Center City strip mall. Another PPA employee pulled into the same loading zone and got out of her car but suddenly had a change of heart when she saw our camera. She quickly pulled out and drove away.

The I-Team also saw a city of Philadelphia employee, driving a city-owned van, pull into the same handicap loading zone. As soon as she saw the I-Team’s cameras waiting, she came out and moved her van.

“I said ‘Let me come out and move the car.’ I just looked out and said ‘Son, look where I parked I’m going to go move the car,” she told us.

“You’re saying you did not know this was marked, even though there are all these blue stripes?” asked reporter Ben Simmoneau.

“’Cause I was talking to my son, we were looking in the window, so I just pulled in. No I did not,” she said.

The story does have a great ending for those who seek justice. Both city employees are being investigated -- one has already been identified and the city says she will be disciplined. And how about the guy who cursed out the reporter? We'll let CBS explain:

Even though the I-Team watched him get out of his silver Honda Civic, he refused to admit that was his car. Instead, he tried to wait us out – keeping his car in the spot for more than two hours.

It ended up costing him, though: a police officer wrote him a $300 ticket.

Now that's a great story.

(H/T: Deadspin)

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