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Hannity Confronts Obama Book Author Over Calling Him, Beck & O'Reilly 'Right Wing Crazies' in Audio Interview With Rev. Wright


"You suck up to him big time."

Four years after his fiery sermons first made their way into American homes, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is still making headlines. On Thursday, The Blaze covered exclusive tapes of author Ed Klein's interview with Wright for his new book "The Amateur."

Following this coverage, Fox News' Sean Hannity had Klein on his show, once again, to discuss the intriguing interview. Of note, the television host questioned Klein about some disparaging words he uttered about Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck during his dialogue with Wright.

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Following the release of individual clips, The Blaze secured the full three-hour audio of Klein's discussion with the preacher. In a portion of it, Klein can be heard making some disparaging comments about conservative commentators (Hannity played this as well while confronting Klein on last night's show).

"The rightwing crazies like O'Reilly, Hannity, Glenn Beck -- I could name a thousand of them -- accuse Barack Obama of, quote -- and I'm just quoting them now -- of having, quote, sat in Trinity United Church for 20 years listening to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And how could he have done that without being, quote, infected with -- and I'm quoting now -- because I don't believe this. I want you to understand that -- with his, the Reverend's anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-, you know, basically, anti-white point of view? [...]

I've spoken to a lot of other people at great lengths about the ignorance of -- and I'm not anti-white, by the way -- but the ignorance of white people as far as the black church is concerned. I just don't think most white have any about what the Black Church in America -- the prophetic Black Church in America is like. They don't attend those ceremonies or those worship services."

Hannity took Klein to task over this segment of the audio, saying:

"You do pander throughout this interview to Rev. Wright. You suck up to him big time and I didn't know if you meant it. And then at one point, you attack me in this interview. Which I was a little surprised to hear."

After playing the clip, the host then said, "You called me a 'right wing crazy.' You say you don't believe what I'm saying and yet you're asking every question that I would ask. You suck up to him, you attack me. What's the story with that?"

Without pausing, Klein backtracked on his statements and apologized.

"The story with that is, to get from the Rev. Wright what I needed to give to him, I felt I needed to win over his confidence," Klein responded. "And in doing so, I think I went too far, quite frankly."

In the end, Klein apologized to Hannity for his comments and proclaimed that the tactics he used -- which amounts to portraying himself as someone he wasn't -- to get information from Wright were viable and helped him to secure important information.

Watch the dialogue, below (around 3:33):

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