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Real News From The Blaze:' NATO Protests a Preview for National Party Conventions?


Protests have raged in Chicago over the last two days as the city hosts the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit. An antiwar march Sunday turned violent as anarchist "black bloc" protesters charged a line of riot police outside the summit, resulting in 45 arrests. Earlier in the week police arrested five activists on terrorism-related charges. With protesters arrested for planning to blow up bridges and seeking to build pipe bombs, to being found with Molotov bomb-making materials, some have become concerned for the Chicago Law Enforcement and police ability moving forward to control dangerous activists in a civil manner.

On "Real News" Monday the panel was joined by Aaron Cohen of IMS Security to discuss what the Chicago police were doing right in handling the protesters and Occupy Wall Street "black bloc," and what could law enforcement learn from for the national party conventions in Tampa and Charlotte at the end of the summer.

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