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See This Awesome Father-Son Duo Catch a Foul Ball at Yankee Stadium


'That's the play of the day right there!"

The Blaze recently published a sports piece that included a collection of some of the best foul ball catches we've ever seen.

We're going to have to add the following video to that collection.

Last Friday during a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees, Reds player Joey Votto hit a foul into the bleachers at Yankee Stadium. What happens next is some seriously cool father/son teamwork:

"Father's holding the son, lifts him up and the kid makes the play!" Yankee's announcer Michael Kay said.

"Holy cow, a lefty too, with a Reds shirt on!" the second announcer, John Flaherty, said. "That's the play of the day right there!"

Although the Reds lost 0-4, we’re guessing that kid still went home pretty happy. After all, it’s an impressive catch. Heck, even the rest of Yankee Stadium (not traditionally friendly territory) is happy for him.

(H/T: The Daily Mail)

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