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Gingrich warns Romney about mysterious 'Ron Paul forces


Are Ron Paul supporters really about to start a stink at the Republican National Convention in Florida? Newt Gingrich warned they might on Sean Hannity's radio program today.

“I think the biggest danger in the short run is that they not think through how [the Mitt Romney campaign is] going to handle the convention in Tampa, and how they’re going to handle the Ron Paul forces."


Gingrich said the "Ron Paul people" made the Georgia state convention "pretty raucous" over the weekend. "The next truly big moment in the campaign is going to come in Tampa and thinking through that two weeks — the platform week and the week of the convention — is probably the next big challenge for the Romney people,” he said.

Gingrich's fear is that delegates who voted for Paul will be hard to for Romney to win over, but I'm sorry, are they that deep in the pocket of a group of people who might show up yelling "FREEEEEDOMMMMMM!!!!"?

[ABC News]

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