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Real News From the Blaze': Democrats Double Down on Bain Attacks


President Obama and fellow Democrats in the House seem to have doubled down on making presumptive GOP opponent Mitt Romney's career in the private sector the issue of the 2012 campaign. Despite some criticism from Obama supporters like Steve Rattner and Harold Ford Jr. for the tone of campaign attacks against Romney's time at Bain Capital, as well as the Cory Booker "Meet The Press" fiasco, President Obama still appears eager to go after his opponent's career in private equity.

During a press conference in Chicago at the site of the Nato Summit Monday, the president argued in defiant support of his campaign's growing attacks against Romney, who was described in one ad as a "vampire" for making profits as workers were being laid off. Senior campaign advisor David Axelrod also defended the campaign's attacks against Romney's career at Bain while appearing on MSNBC Monday, framing the strategy as a reasonable examination of the former Massachusetts governor's business experience which the Republican has touted as "his chief credential for running for office." On Tuesday Rep. James Clyburn, the third-ranking House Democrat, described Romney’s business practices as “raping companies and leaving them in debt” for his own profit.

But is the pubic behind the Obama team taking the campaign in this direction?

During "Real News" Tuesday, Will Cain broke down what he sees as a losing argument for the president, taking time to give a short lesson on private equity 101. Here's a clip from the show:


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