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GOP convention cuts ties with Jeremiah Wright detractors


The Republican National Convention has reportedly cut ties with a GOP staffer linked to a super PAC's plan to run commercials focused on President Obama's ties to his old preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Becki Donatelli, a GOP operative with Campaign Solutions, has been dismissed from planning for the convention in Tampa this summer, the Daily Caller reports.

The New York Times first covered the story on Monday:

The adviser, Rebecca Donatelli, was listed as a member of what was called “Your Recommended Team of Pirates” in a proposal for the campaign that was submitted this month to Joe Ricketts, the billionaire founder of Ameritrade who was seeking to run super PAC advertisements aimed at blocking President Obama’s re-election. The 54-page proposal for the campaign was obtained by The New York Times last week, prompting an announcement from Mr. Ricketts’s aides that he had rejected the plan.

Referring to the name of Ms. Donatelli’s firm, the convention committee said in a statement late Monday, “Campaign Solutions was retained to help develop our convention Web site and digital strategy, but they are no longer involved in convention planning.”

The news of Donatelli's dismissal also follows recent news of Mitt Romney's repudiation of the plan to revive Wright as a campaign issue, opting instead to focus efforts on highlighting Obama's performance on jobs and the economy.

“This shows that he’s going to be milquetoast just like McCain was when it comes to taking on Obama,” a Republican aide told The DC. “That’s the biggest concern.”

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