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This Is What Democracy Looks Like': Beck Reviews the Disturbing List of Egypt's Current Presidential Candidates


Let's see what's behind door number 2...

After nearly 1,000 protesters in the country have died, Egyptians are now poised to elect their next president -- and it will be the most important election in about 5,000 years as the decision will ultimately shape Egypt and the middle east for years to come. Glenn Beck dissected each of the current four contenders vying for Hosni Mubarak's former seat.

Beck introduced the first contender, who is a radical Islamist and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also happens to hate Israel who will seek to increase the use of Sharia Law in the country.

Contender number "two," Abdel-Moneim Abolfotoh, is also a radical Islamist, formerly with the Muslim Brotherhood who has openly called Israel "the enemy." Ironically, he is considered Egypt's "moderate" candidate and was ousted from the Brotherhood last year after "blaspheming" that Christians should be allowed to run for president in Egypt. He then backpeddaled by saying "anyone" can be nominated for president in Egypt but that it would essentially be ridiculous to think that a non-Muslim could actually hold the position.

Candidates three and four both hail from the former Mubarak regime, so, according to Beck,  Egypt can choose to continue martial law, or invoke a new authoritarian regime based upon Islam.

"This is what democracy looks like."


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