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Amnesty International: Osama bin Laden raid was illegal; Canada should have arrested George Bush


Alternate headline: "Annoying, nearly irrelevant, far-left international organization tries to piss off everyone and make itself totally irrelevant"

This just in from The Telegraph:

Amnesty International condemned the United States on Wednesday for the "unlawful" commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his lair in Pakistan.

"The US administration made clear that the operation had been conducted under the US's theory of a global armed conflict between the US and al-Qaeda in which the US does not recognise the applicability of international human rights law," the human rights group said in its annual report.

"In the absence of further clarification from the US authorities, the killing of Osama bin Laden would appear to have been unlawful," it said.

In case that wasn't aggravating enough for normal sentient beings, Amnesty went on to scream at Canada for not throwing BushHitler in the clink:

The global rights monitor also criticised Canada for failing to arrest Mr Bush when he visited in October, "despite clear evidence that he was responsible for crimes under international law, including torture."

"There was no accountability for human rights violations committed under the administration of president George W Bush as part of the CIA's program of secret detention and rendition," Amnesty said, referring to the transfer of individuals from one country to another without access to legal process.

They've nothing better to do, I guess.

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