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Unleashing the Naughty Girl in You!': Obama Fundraiser Reportedly Made Self-Help Striptease Video in 2004


The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that a successful Obama campaign fundraiser wrote, directed, and produced a striptease video for "everyday women" back in 2004 called “I Want To Strip For My Man But I Don’t Know How … Unleashing the Naughty Girl In You!”

Having reportedly bundled between $50,000 and $100,000 for the Obama re-election campaign, Stacii Jae Johnson got her foot in the political door as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in 2008, seemingly touting her ability to exploit Hollywood connections for events.

The movie -- which runs 93 minutes -- invites women to “slip into something sexy, strap on the 6 inch stiletto heels, pop it in the player, and prepare to journey into [their] bodies.”

It primarily follows two New York women who are transformed from the "humdrum" into "sexy sirens" with the help of some of the "hottest exotic dancers New York has to offer."

The Washington Free Beacon, which obtained a copy of the movie through Amazon, continues:

These self-described “sexual revolutionaries” [or "exotic dancers"] provide expert instruction on “signature exotic moves” such as the “fold over,” the “crawl,” the “spread eagle,” and the “booty clap.”

“I Want To Strip For My Man” also provides useful advice for women on how to boost confidence and keep men interested. “I think we need to put on more skirts,” Johnson says in the film. Women, she advises, should get “away from the jean, and … back into wearing skirts and being dainty and cute.”

She also recommends wiping off a man’s feet as he steps out of the shower. “Maybe, you know, because it creates a thing in his mind where – ‘Oh gosh, my baby just wiped my feet off before my feet touched the ground, I think I’m special’ – you know?” Johnson tells Sasha “The Flirt.”


While conducting interviews on the street, Johnson offers more direct advice: “You make that butt clap. You do whatever is necessary to keep your man home.”

The film, apparently, has an emotional ending as the women's husbands watch as they flaunt their newly acquired talents in a private performance.

While the film is seemingly Johnson's brainchild, she only plays a minor acting role.

Here is a clip where Johnson makes an appearance in the movie:

The Free Beacon summarizes Johnson's activities since the self-help striptease video:

One online profile describes Johnson as “an accomplished business strategist, program developer, fundraiser, and professional actress with over 15 years of experience in the field of project development, fundraising, entertainment and marketing.”


In 2009, Johnson served as an ambassador, surrogate and “leading individual fundraiser” on Mayor Reed’s campaign, organizing events with celebrities as diverse as Ludacris, Usher, Jermaine Dupri, Jamie Foxx, and Shaquille O’Neal.

It is unclear whether the Obama campaign was familiar with “I Want To Strip For My Man” before accepting the funds raised by Johnson, and neither Johnson nor, apparently, the office of Bill Clinton returned the Beacon's requests for comment.

That raises the question: If it was discovered that a top Romney donor made a sexy, striptease video in 2004, would it not be lighting up the airwaves?  Scandal!  A family-man accepting that kind of money!  And did he really not know about it-- what kind of inept team is running this campaign?

The mainstream media, as well, has yet to comment.


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