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Real News From The Blaze:' Is Grade Inflation Producing a Generation of Overrated and Entitled Graduates?


The White House has announced it has granted more exemptions to No Child Left Behind, giving schools more flexibility to design curriculums that work best for their students, as long as they agree to meet certain educational benchmarks in exchange for the exemptions. Flexibility it seems though is a double edged sword.

As more and more colleges and universities use ‘flexibility’ in their grading systems, there has been an increase in grade inflation, which some say leads to under-equipped, overrated, and overconfident graduates entering the work force.

With more students receiving As than ever, are our kids really that much smarter? Or is the competitiveness of academia to secure high tuition-paying admitted students and the demands of increasing generations of entitled kids spiking grades?

Former college professor and Department of Education official Lori Roman joined "Real News" Wednesday to break down the negative effects grade inflation has on the development of students and the overall economy.


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