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That can't be Mitt Romney dressed as a spaceman on the new cover of 'New Yorker


Business Insider questioned in a post yesterday whether a cover illustration of the latest issue of the New Yorker (science fiction edition) contains a subliminal message about Mitt Romney who may or may not be depicted as a spaceman:

Is it a coincidence, or is artist Daniel Clowes trying to say something about whether Romney is "one of us" or not?

Good question. It's true the spaceman in the picture has "perfect hair" and a "square jaw," as noted by Business Insider. But there are three reasons this can't possibly be Romney.

1. Conspicuously lacking from that "perfect hair" are the light gray patches Romney has on the sides of his head; all of the spaceman's hair is shoe-polish black.

2. This spaceman is a little too comfortable wielding his raygun around, as if he's been a lifetime NRA member; It was only fairly recently that Romney says he purchased two shotguns.

3. The spaceman's wetsuit (or spacesuit) is fully zipped; it's a well-known fact that Romney prefers wearing his wetsuits halfway pulled down in order to bare his chest.

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