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Nudity, Drag Racing, and Writing: New Bio Claims to Have More Details on Obama's 'Choom Gang' Youth


"The human race would be better off if people did not wear clothes"

New excerpts from David Maraniss' upcoming biography of President Obama claim to reveal even more details about the man's past-- having already swept the news with stories of his high school "choom gang" and composite ex-girlfriends.

The news comes via Yahoo, which has pre-released another twenty snippets from the book.  The passages include, in Yahoo's words, "Obama on nudity, drag racing, and how to write."

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For "Obama on nudity," Yahoo introduces Maraniss' passage: "Obama thought the world would be a better place without clothes, especially when nice-looking ladies were around..."

Maraniss' excerpt clearly explains why:

Allegedly stoned and drunk one night at Occidental, Obama and a friend stopped to talk to an attractive girl and 'Barry launched into a riff on nudity, offering his theory that the human race would be better off if people did not wear clothes.  This declaration was made with the urgency of someone ready to strip then and there. ... It seemed apparent that Barry was trying to seduce the woman right in front of' his friend, who had a crush on the girl.

She appeared 'sympathetic to the theoretical argument but not ready to put it into practice.' [Emphasis added]

If a strange account of an alleged presidential pick-up line isn't enough, Maraniss continues to describe a drag-racing incident the president was reportedly involved in, back in Hawaii:

Obama wasn't behind the wheel of the car, but while he and some friends were racing, the car he was riding in flipped and landed upside down. The other car turned around and found Obama, who had crawled out a back window, laughing hysterically.

"You can't drive for sh*t!" he kept telling the driver. [Emphasis added]

But despite his somewhat drug-intensive youth, it seems, Barack Obama reportedly wanted to be president even as a third grader in Indonesia.  He reportedly wrote in a class paper:

My name is Barry Soetoro. I am a third-grade student at SD Asisi.

My mom is my idol.

My teacher is Ibu Fer. I have a lot of friends.

I live near the school. I usually walk to the school with my mom, then go home by myself.

Someday I want to be president. I love to visit all the places in Indonesia.


The eeeeeeeeend.

But despite it all, the president was always seemingly very aware of his appearance.

Mark Parsons is cited as saying: "Obama displayed one small trait that showed he wanted to be a player: He wore a lot of 'stupid hats.'  He usually wore them cocked, to look cool."

However, Parsons continued by jokingly remarking of the president's cigarette habit: "I remember him telling me he would quit after he got married.  He didn't want to quit smoking because he said he would gain weight, but after he got married it would be okay..."


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