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Can I Go? Please!': Famous Singer Colbie Caillat Attacked by Giant Bugs During Live Performance


"Sorry, I don't know if I can keep singing..."

(Photo: AP)

Colbie Caillat, a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist from California, was recently performing at an outdoor concert in Pittsburgh when a swarm of uninvited guests took center-stage.

In the middle of holding the microphone out to the crowd so that they could sing her song "Bubbly," Caillat retracted the microphone and moved toward the back of the stage, covering her hair and replacing the vocals with a squeal of "Ahh!" as enormous bugs surrounded her.

"I'm so sorry but this is really scaring me!" she told the crowd, ducking to avoid the largest of the insects.

As one landed on her, she screamed again before saying into the microphone: "Sorry, I don't know if I can keep singing you guys...Can I go?  Please?"

As the crowd let out a sympathetic roar, Caillat launched into a final verse of the song, before ending the concert.

Watch the unusual performance, below (insect attack starts around 2:18):

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