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Heart-Broken' Black Pastors Plea for Obama to Meet With Them & Change His Mind on Gay Marriage


"If President Obama changed his mind, let him consider changing it again."

As The Blaze has reported, President Barack Obama has been doing damage control among African American pastors since his official endorsement of same-sex marriage last month. But his efforts to put faith leaders at ease apparently haven't resonated with everyone, as a group of influential black pastors are appealing to Attorney General Eric Holder to setup a meeting for them with the president. The groups maintains that Obama's endorsement has "broken their hearts."

"President Obama is the fulfillment of our dreams for our sons -- and he has broken our hearts by using his power and position to endorse as a civil right something that is simply wrong," wrote the Rev. William Owens, the founder and president of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP). "I would pray you have enough residual respect for this group of clergy, to agree to meet with us and other national leaders to discuss our concerns over your and President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage as a civil right."

In the letter, Owens also attempted to get Holder and Obama to focus upon issues that transcend politics, as he wrote, "Some things are bigger than the next election." This statement, in itself, seems to be pointing at the view that homosexuality is not something to be heralded.

Acknowledging that Obama has had a change of heart, Owens also appealed to the president for another flip back to his anti-gay marriage view, writing, "If President Obama changed his mind, let him consider changing it again."

This letter, which was delivered on Thursday, didn't come from a random group of powerless leaders in the faith community. Quite the opposite, many of these black pastors and preachers played prominent roles in the Civil Rights movement. According to The Christian Post, some even marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

On May 17, many of these same leaders came together for a press conference against the president's pro-gay marriage announcement. Here's a video in which CAAP accuses Obama of "hijacking civil rights." Some of the comments made at the press conference can also be viewed:

While Obama has fully embraced his stance on homosexuality -- one that he is claiming is new, but that he has reportedly touted in past election cycles -- CAAP is working diligently against his position on the matter. The group has already encouraged more than 1,000 African American clergy to sign an anti-gay-marriage pledge.

(H/T: The Christian Post)

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