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Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Blaze Magazine's Report on Anti-Military Sentiment in the U.S.


"a homeland assault against our men and women in uniform has been bourgeoning for quite some time"

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Below is a brief excerpt from the June 2012 cover story "Taking Fire From the Home Front" by Dave Urbanski.


The U.S. military is under a domestic attack—from the administration, American citizens and Islamist groups. Who has their best interests in mind if the government doesn’t?

“We will have to make tough decisions about defense spending ... even on programs that I like.”

—United States President Barack Hussein Obama

Twitter Town Hall event, July 2011

President Obama’s feelings about the United States military, courtesy of his telling tweet, surely elicited a chorus of groans from Democratic strategists across the fruited plain—but the possibility that his perspective surprises anybody is as remote as the Voyager 1 space probe.

Obama is no fan of the American military.

We get it, and then some—message received.

Unfortunately for Obama, presidential duties include that commander-in-chief to-do list, so he’s compelled, at least, to offer a compulsory salute here, a by-rote Semper Fi utterance there and the perfunctory surprise visit to a base in the Middle East desert every so often. Sure he’s more inclined to trod the sand on Martha’s Vineyard beaches (and to be fair, who isn’t?), but he’ll flash that famous grin and bear that Air Force One jaunt overseas. Goes with the territory.

While Obama soldiers on, sort of trying to hide his distaste for the armed forces—those patriotic pros who knocked off Osama bin Laden, helped overthrow Moammar Gadhafi and eliminated a few other menaces whom Obama happily took credit for removing from the earth—a growing number of powerful forces besides the president are making no such attempts to obscure their contempt for the uniform.

Whether it’s courtesy of Louis Farrakhan throwing down the gauntlet, terrorists wreaking havoc within U.S. borders, Islamic advocacy groups silencing non-PC speakers—even military leadership and related federal agencies stamping on their own—a homeland assault against our men and women in uniform has been bourgeoning for quite some time. And the attacks are coming with greater regularity.

Can Obama’s name be directly attached to such offensives? Are these aggressors simply emboldened by Obama’s not-so-secret disdain? Or is something else going on? [...]

Who Will Stand Up for Those Fighting for Us?

The U.S. government has never performed a perfect job when it comes to setting up our soldiers for success. The armed forces have always been in need of more funding, and when they do receive it, the cash isn’t always well spent or accounted for.

Our troops don’t conduct themselves perfectly abroad or at home. None of the latter is news.

But concurrent with what Glenn Beck has repeatedly observed coming out of Washington, D.C.—a scary, step-by-step, frog-in-the-kettle dismantling of our basic freedoms to make room for perhaps a socialist society—the American military also has been systematically hampered and savaged by not only those who hate it (of course) but also depressingly by those who are supposed to love it and support it and, most importantly, lead it.

Who will stand up for our fighting men and women? And who will stand against those who want to undermine their pledged mission and put them, ultimately, in harm’s way?

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