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Guns Out, Jobs In!': Jesse Jackson Describes Upcoming March on Guns Shops at Town Hall Event


"Jackson wants to get rid of the very thing that has kept the economy afloat during Obama's presidency"

Audio of Reverend Jesse Jackson speaking in Racine, Wisconsin was posted on YouTube Monday, where the activist describes a march on gun shops throughout the country happening this summer.

While Jackson can be difficult to understand on a good day, the audio recorded from the crowd is even harder to comprehend at times.  However, the video does open with him saying "we going to be marching on gun shops." He also discusses the "guns trail." But the message is clearer after the crowd starts chanting with him.

"Guns out," he says, "jobs in," with the crowd repeating after him.

Jackson then proceeds to discuss an initiative happening in Chicago between July 10-14, though the details are difficult to make out, before saying: "June 16, we march, guns out, jobs in," with the crowd repeating after every pause.

"November 6, November 6, November the 6th..." he repeats, "Obama, [four more] years," as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

Watch the video, below:

While the exact details for the march will likely be revealed in more open channels in the coming weeks, Katie Pavlich of Townhall.com made an interesting point on the matter.

"Jackson wants to get rid of the very thing that has kept the economy afloat during Obama's presidency.  The firearms industry has not only created jobs in the past three years but has also provided the government with a steady revenue stream," she writes.

Pavlich proceeds to cite the National Shooting Sports Foundation (which has also been a source for the Washington Post), to detail the specifics:

Companies in the United States that manufacture, distribute and sell firearms, ammunition and hunting equipment employ as many as 98,752 people in the country and generate an additional 110,998 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries. These include jobs in companies supplying goods and services to manufacturers, distributors and retailers, as well as those that depend on sales to workers in the firearms and ammunition industry. [1]

These are good jobs, paying an average of $46,858 in wages and benefits. And today, every job is important. In fact, in the United States the unemployment rate has reached 8.2 percent. This means that there are already 13,430,000 people trying to find jobs in the state and collecting unemployment benefits. [2]

Not only does the manufacture and sale of firearms and hunting supplies create good jobs in the United States but the industry also contributes to the economy as a whole. In fact, in 2012 the firearms and ammunition industry was responsible for as much as $31.84 billion in total economic activity in the country.


Not only does the firearms and ammunition industry create jobs, it also generates sizable tax revenues. In the United States the industry and its employees pay over $2.07 billion in taxesincluding property, income, and sales based levies. [3]

Perhaps Jesse Jackson will clarify at the march how exactly putting "guns out" of the country will result in "jobs in," as his catchy slogan claims.

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