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Roseanne wants to work at Fox News


Comedienne Roseanne Barr is in the middle of her bid for the Green Party's nomination for president. Barr is more than 100 delegates behind environmental activist Dr. Jill Stein who is also seeking the nomination, but she's still running.

More importantly, in a profile by The Observer on her candidacy (and her pending new sitcom), Barr says she's into Fox News and likes the idea of having a job there.

“They’ve always been so fair and nice to me at Fox,” she elaborated. “I just don’t like Fox when it doesn’t get the complete fair and balance, but I do think they do try to, even though some of the people like Sean Hannity and stuff, the things they attack are just ridiculous. But yet, they have the right to do that. You can’t discount that people have the right to freedom of speech. I told Fox I’d sure like to have a show on there, because the people who watch Fox News are people like me also. So, it would be good to be really fair and balanced and have a nice left point of view on there.”

To Fox News CEO Roger Ailes: Please, oh please, give Roseanne a show. Preferably one with Sean Hannity. You could call it Roseannity. You're welcome.


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