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Stage 3 'Live It': Beck Launches Massive Food Drive in Effort to Fight Nanny State


Truckloads of food will be en route to nearly a dozen cities...

UPDATE: Within just one hour of Glenn Beck's program Wednesday evening, viewers rallied in response, filling 11 tractor trailers with food for the needy. Now, the ante has been upped, to a goal of 25 truckloads of food. Information on how to get involved can be found at


Glenn Beck is dedicating the week to unveiling a four-part plan to reclaim the personal liberties that have been slipping away from American society. On Monday, he asked Americans to "commit" to a high standard of conduct and to a plan of action, and on Tuesday evening, he launched a major voter registration effort that is already realizing substantial results. On Wednesday evening, Beck revealed the third phase of his initiative focused on curbing the power of politicians like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Obama regulatory "czar," Cass Sunstein, in their push to grow the already overblown Nanny State.  Beck noted that the Federal Register of all government regulations is over 80,000 pages long. 

Blaze readers are likely already familiar with the unsettling string of state-led crackdowns on children's lemonade stands, student as well as city-wide bans on fatty foods, bake-sales, smoking, unpasteurized milk, and now, sugary Big Gulps. Worse still, is that homeless shelters and soup kitchens across nearly a dozen states are now rejecting quality food donations based on their perceived salt or sugar content.

In other words, government is attempting to thwart people from being humanitarians.

How you can stop it

While Beck, GBTV and the broader Mercury organization are the conduit, the inspiration from Beck's new initiative came from an "incredible woman," and righteous gentile who saved the lives of 500 people during the Holocaust -- and it all started with just one bowl of soup.

Lamenting the fact that people in need are being denied perfectly good won't solve the problem. With this in mind, Beck rolled out the details of a humanitarian effort that will target 11 cities, including: New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Detroit, and a Navajo reservation in New Mexico.

To this end, Beck's company will be sending one tractor trailer filled with food to each city.

Beck went on to explain that he chose these particular cities because feeding the homeless has been banned in each -- in fact, people attempting to do so have even been arrested in certain instances.

This is the opportunity, according to Beck, to show the Federal Government that its services are "no longer needed."

If viewers don't wish to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity, if they are ready to live what they speak, and ready to stop the 80,000 pages of regulation from getting any bigger, the Beck urged viewers to visit his site,, and click on the number "3" to help "fill those trucks" and raise funds.

Paulina turned one bowl of soup into saving 500 lives.  The moral, of course, is that what may only seem a drop in the bucket can grow exponentially. Beck then wondered what 11 truckloads of food could be turned into.

While politicians routinely dialogue about ending hunger, this is an opportunity to actually help do so, according to Beck.

Contact your legislator 

Another tool provided in phase three -- "Activate" -- on is a the fourth option which allows Americans to contact their politician about the encroaching Nanny State. Beck's organization has partnered once again with David Barton's WallBuilders, which has already begun reaching out to legislators to challenge food bans.

At the end of the day, it is perhaps more important than ever, according to Beck, to "be the change you want to see."

The reason the Left lost the battle against Scott Walker in Wisconsin on Tuesday night is because they were "out-organized."

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