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NICE: Ed Klein signed my book


In my story over on the front page Ed Klein, author of The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House, talked with me about his recent comments on Hillary Clinton's weight and health.

We asked Klein if that meant he thought Clinton was too fat to be president.

“I’ve gotten a lot of grief from women all over America for that statement, saying ‘How dare you even mention the secretary of state’s weight,’” he said. “But in fact if [New Jersey Gov.] Chris Christie were running for president I’m sure everybody would mention his weight. It’s not a question of weight so much as it is she looks exhausted. She’s had four very arduous years and looks as if she needs to recover and get back in shape in more ways than one. And she herself has said that she’s tired.”

I've read some of Klein's book and it reads a little like the Twilight fan fiction you can find online (I've heard) but I asked if he'd sign it. He was kind to do so.

We also chatted briefly about having the same awesome name.

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