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Irony Alert: 1994 Vid Shows Axelrod Saying It's Bad to Say the Economy Is Improving (Particularly From the 'Ninth Hole' of a Golf Course)


"His younger self had a little more mustache and a lot more strategic sense."

Barack Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod is in the news today after a newly-discovered C-SPAN clip from 1994 shows him saying it's bad to do the exact thing President Obama has recently engaged in.

Among his suggestions, Axelrod said that it is a bad idea to say the economy is improving-- particularly from the 9th hole of a golf course.

" you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself," he explains.  "If you stand up and claim great progress you’re only frustrating this alienated middle class more."

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From there, Axelrod continues to say that, though the strategy may have worked for Ronald Reagan, it didn't for George H. W. Bush because, "Bush tastelessly did it often from the ninth hole, and from the cigar boat, and other places. And the impression you got was that he was out of touch."


As those who follow politics know, one of the president's top campaign strategies is to say that the economy is making progress nearly weekly, and he has already played more rounds of golf than his predecessor did in 8 years.

Watch the clip, via Buzzfeed, below:

Axelrod is being lambasted by conservatives for the comments, particularly on Twitter.

Michelle Malkin's site Twitchy summarized: "Some people are like fine wine and get better with age. David Axelrod is more like a tallboy gone flat. It’s awfully hard for Obama to 'Win the Future' when Axelrod was doling out far better advice in the past.  His younger self had a little more mustache and a lot more strategic sense."

Others are asking the political strategist to re-tweet the YouTube video in question, accompanied by statements like, "It seems @davidaxelrod's bad few weeks just got a little bit worse..."

Adding insult to injury, C-SPAN didn't even get his name right.

Thanks, David Axelron.

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